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FOF #2384 – What Kind of Drag Queen Are You?

You’ve heard the saying that you are your own worst enemy, but when you’re a drag queen you’ve got two enemies: you and your drag creation.

Today, Chicago drag queen Eva Styles joins us to take a look at the wide variety of popular styles of drag queens, and which ones are sisters or natural born frenemies.

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FOF #1887 – Love Ain’t All You Need

Although the Beatles loved to sing love, love, love, all you need is love, their actual love lives were pretty miserable- full of abuse, violence and divorce. It turns out that love isn’t all you need, you also need patience, communication and whole lot of compromise.

Today, we take a look at our own roller coaster ride of a relationship of fourteen years- now that sex is easy to get on the internet, how do you form a long term relationship without killing each other?

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FOF #1702 – Milk is Good for My Bone

A new craze is sweeping the internet: milking. A video featuring handsome British college men pouring bottles of milk on themselves is going viral, inspiring hundreds of people doing the same pointless thing. Pointless but also kinda hot.

With “milking” all the rage, comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at some ridiculous but sexy internet trends that have caught on over the years.

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FOF #1656 – Dida Ritz Puts on the Glitz

For a stunning look, Dida Ritz recommends taking three ugly things and putting them together to create one beautiful ensemble. Is she talking about the top three girls of RuPual’s Drag Race?

LIsten as Dida Ritz talks about how she reached out to her family and preacher father, and gives us the skinny on her fabulous appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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FOF #1535 – A No-Homo Bromance

He may look like a scary Satanist on the outside, but comedian Brian Sweeney is nothing but sunshine and rainbows on the inside. Brian is a guy who loves snarky jokes, indie culture and sci-fi TV shows.

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FOF #1531 – My Mom Thinks I Dress Too Sexy for Facebook!

Why am I in my underwear? Why wear anything at all? Today we’re talking about the pros and cons of sexing it up on your social media page, blog and apps. Are we losing something by baring ourselves or are the prudes just choking on the way society is moving forward?

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Chris Brown Naked (Guys With IPhones Edition)

Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown, is popping up naked all over the internets. A full frontal photo of “Long Duck Dong” (allegedly) was leaked by an ex today (allegedly). Some say it’s a “well placed” PR […]

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