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FOF #2582 – Secret Podcast: How We Became the Feast of Fun

Here’s a story, of a lovely drag queen, who was doing drag shows all on her own. Til then one day she met a lovely fellow… that’s the way we all became the Feast of Fun.

Today on the Secret Podcast: How we turned a live drag show in Chicago into one of the world’s first and top podcasts. Plus, for the third time in twelve years, China cracks down on the practice of hiring strippers as funeral entertainment to attract larger crowds.

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FOF #1963 – Out and In and Out Again

It’s not easy coming out of the closet at any age. Writer Nikki Levy feared that she wasn’t ever going to have any children, so when she turned 30, Nikki overnight went from being a nice Jewish gay woman to being a nice heterosexual Jewish woman by simply switching the gender interest on her online profiles.

Listen as Nikki shares with us her hilarious coming out story, out, in and then out again, and takes us for an inside look at working as a movie producer in Hollywood.

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FOF #1645 – Start Spreading the News

We say bon voyage to Matteo Lane, as he’s moving to New York City for his job, but what he’s really excited about is working the comedy scene in the Big Apple, and the men.

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