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FOF #2621 – Scott Thompson Brings Back Buddy Cole to Save the World

One of the most influential comedians of our time has been Scott Thompson with his work on The Kids in the Hall, the pioneering sketch comedy show where five friends every week crossdressed into outrageous characters; and his creation of Buddy Cole, the acid tongued gay socialite who can get away with saying anything.

Today comedian Scott Thompson joins us to talk about his iconic character, the re-release of Budy Cole’s biography ‘Buddy Babylon’ and his new hit show Après Le Déluge (After the Flood): The Buddy Cole Monologues.

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FOF #1621 – The War on Comedy

Comedian Bill Cruz, the Cesar Chavez of stand-up comedy joins us to try to bring some peace to all the drama unfolding around these entertainers, and to ask the difficult questions, how much can people be held responsible for the awful things they say onstage?

And will my buddies let me give them head if nobody’s looking?

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FOF #1409 – We Love Mo’Nique

Join us as we talk to the very funny queen of sass, Mo’Nique, about her amazing journey from stand up comedian to Oscar winning actress and what’s happened to her since she won the award.

Mo’Nique answers all your hard questions- about Oprah, Barbara Walters, Richard Pryor, and why Holllywood struggles with diversity.

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10 In-Depth Interviews With Amazing Female Comedians

We love the ladies. There’s nothing like a comedy diva who will make you chuckle. Here’s a list of ten of the most amazing female comedians we’ve had on the show in the past year. […]

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VIDEO: Zach Anner Wants to Keep Austin Weird

Austin comedian Zach Anner who describes himself as having the “sexiest form of cerebral palsy” takes on the Keep Austin Weird festival. Why won’t Oprah let Zach win her talk show contest?

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FOF #982 – Killer Lesbot Terminators From The Future

There’s a lot of hot science fiction movies coming this month. One highly anticipated film is Terminator Four: Salvation. Did you know that the terminator movies are very popular with Lesbians? On today’s show America’s […]

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FOF #958 – Cameron Esposito is a Zesty Delight

America’s Lesbian Sweetheart, Cameron Esposito is back from Africa and the U.K! Cameron cool comedy stylings endear her to audiences everywhere- here and abroad and to broads as well. Cameron was lauded by one reviewer […]

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FOF #914 – Inaugural Balls

History was made as Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States, sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution which, at one time, defined blacks as three-fifths of a person. As our country’s […]

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FOF #890 – It’s the Little Things

Christmas is just around the corner, so we got our friend, America’s Lesbian Comic Sweetheart, Cameron Esposito, a Lesbian Sex cook book- Lesbian Sex: 101 Lovemaking Positions Just what she’s always wanted. A manual on […]

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