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FOF #2323 – The Unsinkable Joan Waters

We’re mad about Joan Waters, a carefree drag queen who happily embraces her goofy side to the delight of audiences.

Today Joan Waters joins us to talk about beating off 20 drag queens to snatch the crown in Trannika Rex’s drag contest, Crash Landing, which was a surprise win for this perennial drag underdog. Plus– Happy Birthday Fausto Fernós!

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FOF #1468 – Nancy Upton’s Adventures in Wonderland

Last month we chatted with Nancy Upton about her over the top entry into American Apparel’s plus size model search.

Since then, Nancy has visited the clothing company and met up with the creative directors and management who were threatened by her sassy criticism of their misguided approach.

FOF #1441 – Nancy Upton is the Next Big Thing

Recently, American Apparel promoted the launch of their plus sized clothing line by holding a modeling contest. Dallas based actress Nancy Upton submitted some hilarious photos of herself in various states of undress, eating obscene amounts of food and sploshing in a bathtub full of ranch dressing.

The photos went viral & everyone declared her the winner, everyone except American Apparel.

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Transgender Woman Wins Breast Implant Prize

The landslide winner of a radio station’s controversial breast implant contest is a transgender Calgarian. The winner of the Amp Radio contest, named by the station only as a musician called Avery, tallied 76 per […]

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VIDEO: Sneak Peak at Threadless’ Float in the Gay Pride Parade

Here’s a look inside one of the internet’s most successful t-shirt companies, Threadless. This year they are breaking new ground with a “Mr Mittens” giant cat themed float.

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The Ultimate Concert for Four in Your Living Room

I would have completely lost my shit. Mastercard and the Brit Awards (British Grammies) had a contest called “My Priceless Gig” where the winner would have an in-home concert by an surprise Artist.   This could […]

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PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Aretha Franklin’s Walrus Coat

I am the walrus. You are the walrus, Aretha Franklin’s the walrus, coo-coo ka-choo. Let’s have a contest! Photoshop yourself into the transparent PNG file we made of Aretha Franklin’s fabulously odd fur coat, or […]

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