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FOF #1944 – Drag Queen Hangover

Oh girl! We had such a fabulous time last night with all the gals from RuPaul’s Drag Race, we’re now nursing a drag queen hangover.

Joining us today is the hilarious Tommy Holl to give you the behind the scenes skinny on their premiere performance in Chicago, and fill you in on who will be a strong contender based on their touring show.

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FOFA #1178 – Queen Joan Sings to the Animals

We just love Queen Joan, the boogie woogie queen from the Bayou. To ring in the new year, Joan posted her cover of Elvira, a country pop song made popular by The Oak Ridge Boys.

Think of Joan as the horse whisperer but instead of whispering to the horses she’s banging on her accordion and wailing out her favorite ditties to all the cats, dogs and cows on her farm.

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cows & cows & cows

Who needs a better explanation than that? It’s a movie about cows!

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FOF #1178 – Queen Joan Sings to the Animals

All Hail Queen Joan, the boogie woogie queen from the Bayou! We are thrilled to have discovered musician Joan Atwell’s YouTube channel, Ivory Tickler Mama, where she plays love songs on her accordion to all the animals on her farm.

Listen as Joan wows us with her accordion and talks about her life as a video blogger, eating beaver and singing telegrams as Elva, Elvis’ kissing cousin.

VIDEOS: Joan Sings to the Dog and the Cows

“It’s a Do-Da-Day-Day!” to Nippy- Here’s Joan singing to the cows- Love Joan!

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