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FOF #2895 – What Pee Wee Herman’s Crack PSA Taught Us About Covid

Although some PSA’s are wildly ridiculous like trying to get people to eat healthy or to avoid using drugs, the reason these campaigns persist is because to some extent they are successful. So where are all the public service announcements for COVID?

Today, Summer Nettles, TV news producer and former communications specialist for the City of Denver, Colorado, joins us to look at some of our favorite public service health TV ads, and why Republicans aren’t using what we’ve learned in the past 75 years of ads.

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VIDEO: Sarah Palin’s Media-Crack Addiction and Withdrawls

Journalists at the Washington Post and others have sworn not to cover Sarah Palin in February.  I don’t know why yet, but I’ll post the link.  This Funny-Or-Die video shows her going through withdrawls as […]

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