FOF #2895 – What Pee Wee Herman’s Crack PSA Taught Us About Covid

Sep 22, 2020 · 1985 views

Summer Nettles.

And now a public service announcement for public service announcements. Since World War II, the US government has been harnessing the power of the media to raise awareness about certain topics and to shape people’s behavior.

Although some PSA’s are wildly ridiculous like trying to get people to eat healthy or to avoid using drugs, the reason these campaigns persist is because to some extent they are successful. So where are all the public service announcements for COVID?

Today, Summer Nettles, TV news producer and former communications specialist for the City of Denver, Colorado, joins us to look at some of our favorite public service health TV ads, and why Republicans aren’t using what we’ve learned in the past 75 years of ads.


When Pee Wee Herman told kids not to use crack.

Don’t play inside of refrigerators.

Time for Timer– did you try to make popsicles out of toothpicks and ice cube trays filled with juice?


  1. You guys fucked up the ranked choice voting explanation. here it is in two sentences:
    1. Ranked choice voting is an instant runoff election without the expense of mounting a second election.
    2. If no one gets 50%+1 in the first count, losing ballots’ 2nd choice gets added to the first winner. If 50%+1 threshold still isn’t met, then rinse/repeat until one candidate gets 50%+1.

    Right now without RCV we have elected officials in office who won without receiving anywhere close to a majority of votes. This will never happen if everyone starts using RCV. I’m a huge fan.

    While I’m here, the reason I’m not anti fracking is that if there weren’t demand for oil there would be no fracking. Living in super liberal california everyone is anti-fracking, but no one is willing to change their lifestyle. The number of times i hear “I could never give up my car”…

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