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FOF #2383 – Hollywood Real Life Murders

Fame is a tricky thing: although it can lead to a glamorous lifestyle, it also carries with it the terrible risk that you’ll come face to face with the dark side of humanity.

Today, Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at the spooky stories of Hollywood actors who were murdered in real life, and her amazing three week run as Crystal Connors in Showgirls the Musical.

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FOF #2378 – A Beginner’s Guide to the Radical Faeries

The Radical Faeries began in the late 70s as a gathering of mostly gay men seeking to redefine queer consciousness and amazingly enough, Faerie communities popped up all over the county where they continue to thrive.

Joining us today is creative spirit Seth Nayes, also known as Madame Marvel in Chicago’s nightlife scene, who just had his first faerie experience!

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FOF #1752 – Why I Became a Drag Queen

Underneath all that makeup, most drag queens are gay men who adore wearing fabulous, outrageous costumes. Even with all the love they seem to be getting these days, it’s still very hard being a creature of the night.

Listen as we talk with Jezzy about finding your niche as a nightclub performer, why it takes a village to be a fierce queen and how to successfully stalk Lady Gaga.

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VIDEO: Boystown Knifing Caught on Tape

An assault against a man in orange shorts was caught on tape in the gay neighborhood of Boystown in Chicago. Chicago Tribune reports: Witnesses told police that the group was walking south on Halsted when […]

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Singer’s Attempt at Viral YouTube Fame Lands Him in Loads of Trouble

21-year-old Evan Emory is a guitarist/comedian who’s attempt at creating a viral YouTube video has landed him in a boatload of trouble. How much trouble?  The worst kind—he’s charged with felony of making child abuse […]

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VIDEO: Backin’ Up in Autune

Almost everything better in autotune. Listen as this victim of a crime recounts her ordeal in autotune.

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Michael L. Jackson, the King of Meth is Back

Cab drivers beware! Michael L. Jackson, the King of Meth might be getting out of jail early. Last thing he said publicly was “Here’s some HIV for you you bitch!” and then he spit at […]

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