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FOF #2833 – Trans Pioneer Kennidi Monroe is Back!

Before Lizzo preached the gospel of body positivity and before folks cashed in on their sex appeal on patronage sites, one of our favorite guests on Feast of Fun was the Voluptuous Diva Kennidi Monroe.

Sadly, we had a falling out with Kennedi in 2008 when she posted a video asking people to cancel Feast Of Fools. Since then we kissed and made up and today musician, drag performer and trans pioneer Kennidi Monroe comes back on Feast of Fun to talk about her extraordinary life and her new single.

FOF #1619 – How to Be a Diva

Bona fide diva Amy Armstrong knows quite a bit about making it as a singer. For years her cabaret shows have sold out across the country, and is the toast of gay cruise ships. Today Amy Armstong joins us to talk about the rewards and challenges of what it takes become a professional singer.

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VIDEO: Jillann’s HGTV Audition

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jillann (call her Jill) Gabrielle: Vocal coach, actress, hopeful HGTV Design Star, and self-proclaimed “Über Diva.” Never mind that she doesn’t have any formal design training.  Or that she claims her […]

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More Fresh Brewed Flavah With Lauren Bacall

The guys referenced the legendary Lauren Bacall and her High Point commercials in today’s show, so I thought it was time to share a couple more nuggets of Fresh Brewed Flavah featuring the legendary actress. […]

Diva Denounces Homophobic Newsweek Article

Heterosexual actors play gay all the time. Why doesn’t it ever work in reverse? That’s the tagline to a  controversial Newsweek article that seemed to fly under many people’s radar back in late April but […]

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FOF #989 – Woman of a Thousand Voices

Madonna, Cher, Britney Spears and Winona Ryder- comedic actress Nadya Ginsburg can do them all flawlessly! In the popular web series “The Worm” directed by Austin Young, Nadya portrays these iconic pop stars having an […]

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Goodbye Eartha Kitt

We’re sad to announce that legendary singer, dancer, actress and outspoken diva Eartha Kitt died on Christmas Day at the age of 81. How fitting for someone who was best known for her song “Santa […]

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Mistress Amanda

Inspired by the recent leather convention in Chicago, Amanda Steinstein tries in vain to dominate Marc Felion with “fragile” stickers. Directed and edited by Fausto Fernós. Subscribe to the videos with: RSS | iTunes | […]

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Chita Sings, Dances and Wears Crazy Costumes

Chita Rivers sings, dances and wears some pretty crazy costumes. She is an amazing talent and I wonder how she ended up in some of these acts. Here she is on the Carol Burnett show […]

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