FOF #2833 – Trans Pioneer Kennidi Monroe is Back!

Mar 2, 2020 · 2030 views

The Voluptuous Diva Kennidi Monroe. Photos courtesy of Kennidi Monroe.

The early days of podcasting were extraordinary. Celebrities had no idea what to do with the Internet, and because mainstream representation of LGBTQ folks was slim, the online world saw an eruption of talk shows where people could go in-depth about queer issues for everyone, everywhere.

Before Lizzo preached the gospel of body positivity, before the drag race and trans explosion and even before folks started cashing in on their sex appeal on patronage sites, one of our favorite guests on Feast of Fun was Kennidi Monroe, the Voluptuous Diva who worked the scene producing her own singles and hosting a talk show on trans issues on YouTube with her gal pal Reina Valentino.

Margaret Cho (right) on Tr*nny Talk 101 with Reina Valentino and Kennidi Monroe

Sadly we had a falling out with Kennidi Monroe in 2008 and then she posted a video asking people to cancel Feast Of Fools, one could say she was even a pioneer of cancel culture.

T-shirt model and trans pioneer Kennidi Monroe in 2007. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

Marc and Kennidi hanging out at the Golden Nugget Diner in Chicago, 2008.

Today musician, drag performer and trans pioneer Kennidi Monroe comes back on Feast of Fun to talk about her extraordinary decade, losing the love of her life, her new single Kings and Queens, finding love again and finding the joy in mentoring younger trans people.

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