FOF #2515 – Witches, Trolls & Pricks

Aug 9, 2017 · 8142 views
Alexis Hex, photos: Alexis Hex.

Alexis Hex, photos: Alexis Hex.

These are truly magical times. Our witchy gal pal Alexis Hex has been conjuring up a combination of two of her favorite things: Pokémon and dongs.

Her new coloring books are now fresh out of the cauldron: Bukakkemon: An Adult Coloring Book Adventure! And Bukakkemon 2: The Second Cumming – where instead of catching Pokemon, you use condoms to catch Pokedicks to fend off an STI armageddon.

Pokedicks- catch them all and win big!

Pokedicks- catch them all and win big!

Today, the spooky Alexis Hex joins us to talk about her kooky coloring book, why cursing Donald Trump is going to backfire and why we’re the syrupy sweet TV series Good Witch has us caught in its spell.


A Federal court rules the podcast patent trolls didn’t invent anything but wasting people’s time and money.

Is Baron Trump a time traveler?

Newly out as bi Aaron Carter breaks up with his girlfriend

Chris Pratt splits with his wife– stay off him folks, he’s mine.

Featured Book: Alexis Hex- Bukakkemon 2: The Second Cumming: Amazon

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