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FOF #2983 – Amanda Cohen on To Tell the Truth

One of the most brilliant comedians we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past 16 years of doing Feast of Fun is Amanda Cohen. We met Amanda through a Craigslist Ad we placed for our live musical variety shows looking for a woman with a big personality and bosom to match.

Today comedian Amanda Cohen, best known to long time listeners as Amanda Steinstein, joins us to look back at all the people she’s been mistaken for: someone’s mom, a truck driving lesbian, a bug baker and an aquanaut.

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FOF #2833 – Trans Pioneer Kennidi Monroe is Back!

Before Lizzo preached the gospel of body positivity and before folks cashed in on their sex appeal on patronage sites, one of our favorite guests on Feast of Fun was the Voluptuous Diva Kennidi Monroe.

Sadly, we had a falling out with Kennedi in 2008 when she posted a video asking people to cancel Feast Of Fools. Since then we kissed and made up and today musician, drag performer and trans pioneer Kennidi Monroe comes back on Feast of Fun to talk about her extraordinary life and her new single.

FOF #2515 – Witches, Trolls & Pricks

These are truly magical times. Our witchy gal pal Alexis Hex has been conjuring up a combination of two of her favorite things: Pokémon and dongs.

Today the spooky Alexis Hex joins us to talk about her kooky coloring book, why cursing Donald Trump is going to backfire and why the Good Witch has us caught in its spell.

FOF #1703 – How to Be an Awesome Guest on Any Talk Show

Many people dream of having their lives instantly transformed by the power of being a guest on a fabulous talk show. How do you do it?

Today we’re pulling back the curtain on talk shows and podcasts to share with you the secrets on how to get a talk show by developing the perfect talking points.

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FOF #1613 – Secrets to Making a Great Podcast

We’re rewinding to take a look back on our experience as podcast pioneers and share with you some of the amazing powerful life changing moments we’ve had on the show, and all the drama with guests behind the scenes.

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VIDEO: “Unicorns Turn Me On” Feast of Fun on WGN News

We really do love unicorns here on the Feast of Fun.

So you can imagine our thrill when WGN News ran a segment on the Feast of Fun podcast, our love for gay mythological creatures and on how we manage to create the world’s most popular gay talk show from our home studio here in Chicago.

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Chicago Tribune: “the Oprah of gay podcasting”

Read the feature on the Feast of Fun podcast by the Chicago Tribune’s Rex W. Huppke where Feast of Fun is called the “Oprah of gay podcasting.”

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Feast of Fun – 1000 Shows Photo Montage

To celebrate our 1000th podcast show, looking back on 11 years of FOF, photographer Jason Smith put together this wonderful montage of images from our live shows and podcast through the years. We’ve come a […]

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Response to the name change “Feast of Fun”

The reviews are in! Marc and I had feared that our name change would leave people in stunned silence, thankfully that wasn’t the case. Change is good! Check out these two hot articles: Feast of […]

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FOF #733 – The Truth in the Lies

Today we reveal all the answers to the Feast of Fools Quiz! Congratulations to Cliff Dix and Sebastian Keenan who tied for first place. They got the most answers right, even though they both got […]

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