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FOF #2833 – Trans Pioneer Kennidi Monroe is Back!

Before Lizzo preached the gospel of body positivity and before folks cashed in on their sex appeal on patronage sites, one of our favorite guests on Feast of Fun was the Voluptuous Diva Kennidi Monroe.

Sadly, we had a falling out with Kennedi in 2008 when she posted a video asking people to cancel Feast Of Fools. Since then we kissed and made up and today musician, drag performer and trans pioneer Kennidi Monroe comes back on Feast of Fun to talk about her extraordinary life and her new single.

FOF #2175 – Dida Ritz is Back

At the height of her drag career, Dida Ritz mysteriously disappeared. After losing her drag mom she needed time to breathe and find inspiration. It’s hard to keep a fierce queen down, so Dida is back with a vengeance and taking no prisoners!

Today Dida Ritz joins us to talk about life after RuPauls’ Drag Race, falling in and out of drag, and all the T on Drag Race you haven’t heard until now.

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PHOTOS: Reina Valentino in a Red Wig, Black Wheelchair

We were kind of shocked to see our gal pal Reina Valentino show up in a wheelchair, the poor girl has been having knee problems and is waiting surgery to be able to walk again. […]

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FOF #1884 – A Real Sneak Peek into Lady Gaga’s Muppets Holiday Special

Lady Gaga is back on TV, and this time around she’s not wearing Kermit the Frog, she’s singing duets with him and all the Muppets.

On Thanksgiving night, Lady Gaga stars in a 90-minute special with the Muppets featuring Elton John, Joseph Gordon Levitt and RuPaul.

Today we’re giving you a real sneak peak into Gaga’s holiday special with the dirt on the show you won’t hear about anywhere else.

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Flowers in the Attic

Check out this behind-the-scenes installment of trannytalk101 with Kennidi Monroe and Reina Valentino. Fausto coaches the girls backstage at a nightclub (Mary’s Attic) in Chicago. Also featuring Jessica Savano, Friday Foster and Regina Upright. Warning! […]

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