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Robert Cornelius on Dreamgirls

Dreamgirls, the Broadway musical based on the showbiz aspirations of legends like Little Richard, James Brown, Diana Ross and the Supremes, is about as perfect as a musical can be. It lands running with a wonderful percussive bongo beat and takes us on a roller coaster ride through the struggles Black entertainers faced in the past and how they changed the world for the better.

The breakout song “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” became a #1 hit on the R&B Billboard charts when it was released in 1982 and launched Jennifer Holliday into superstardom.

Our friend musician and actor Robert Cornelius is now playing the role of music producer Marty in the new production of Dreamgirls at the McCarter Theater in Princeton, NJ.

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FOF #1699 – Twinkies Are Forever

The reports of the Twinkie’s death are greatly exaggerated.

Today, we look at the cultural impact of America’s second favorite thing to shove down their throats, Twinkies, the moist delicious snack cake with a long shelf life, and why it’s probably a good thing that Americans aren’t eating as much junk food as they used to.

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GALLERY: Photos from the New Production of Dreamgirls

With a new look, new songs and a new cast, Dreamgirls is dazzling audiences here in Chicago and coming soon to a town near you. Here are some selected photos from the new touring production, […]

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FOF #1132 – When Bears Have Babies

It’s a big day for trans folks as the International Olympic Committee decided to allow for nuance with sexually ambiguous athletes, trans man Scott Moore announces he’s pregnant and blind Texas drag queen Alexis Nicole Whitney puts on quite a show.

Hot news: Apple’s new tablet computer may change publishing, Prop 8 trial continues, Pope tells priests to blog and our review of the touring production of Dreamgirls.

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