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FOF #2731 – Easter Gone Wild

While most folks in the U.S. think of Easter as just a silly holiday filled with eggs, candy and bunnies, people all around the world observe Easter as a hardcore celebration of death and resurrection.

Today we’re taking a look at outrageous Easter celebrations from around the world, from the Philippines self flagellation and crucifixion reenactments to San Franciso’s hunky Jesus contest held by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

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FOF #2145 – What Really Happened to Merle Ginsberg

This week, they really played up the rivalry between Michelle Visage and Merle Ginsberg on RuPual’s Drag Race but they never really said why Ginsberg got the boot from the show.

Today we spill the T on why she got booted with Fox E. Kim, a a Chicago cosplay queen who serves up some stellar Jeri Ryan Seven of Nine Star Trek realness when she’s not dressing up as a sweet old lady.

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FOF #1858 – You Look Fierce in Those Shorts

Right now the hot fashion trend on the internet is men wearing their gym shorts as cute cocktail dresses, squeezing both of their legs into one side, and then throwing the other side of the shorts over the shoulder.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the men who are turning their workout shorts into cocktail dresses, and listing some of our favorite tips on aging sexy and feeling desirable over 30.

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VIDEO: Rollie Eggmaster: The Latest in Egg Technology

Rollie ® Eggmaster | Official Commercial | Top TV Stuff Breakfast is a hassle; it’s messy and you’re busy. But now there’s a way for your family to have a hot breakfast — with […]

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FOF #1569 – Cher’s Giant Black Wig

With her fabulous music through the years, her Bob Mackie see-through gowns and her unconditional support of her trans son Chaz, you can’t help but adore Cher and her wacky, wacky ways.

What is up with that crazy, giant, black wig Cher?

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VIDEO: Urine Soaked Eggs All the Rage in China

In China, a popular spring snack are eggs cooked in the urine of young boys.

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Pin Hole Camera Egg

Artist Francesco Capponi has created a pinhole camera from an egg. The artist places the photo emulsion on the inside of the egg, takes a photo, and then let’s the image get exposed on the […]

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Cupcakes Cooked Inside Eggs

This is for you, Angela!  This is an awesome idea.  These cupcakes look delicious and just marvelous, but I’d bet you have some tricks that might make them better.  For instance, why such a big […]

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IMAGE: The Lady in the Egg

Last year, I created this photo blog on “Weird Easter” and I laughed that I wrote this about this image-

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FOF #1361 – Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

What if we were all inside an egg inside an egg inside Lady Gaga’s egg-shaped vessel? Think about it people.

Today, artist and blogger Angela Wells joins us to crack the case on the origins of egg decorating, strange party games and how the humble egg has inspired everyone from ancient Persians, to chocolatiers to Lady Gaga.

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