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Erica Nix – Building Muscle Outside of the Mainstream

Today, Erica Nix, a very famous, Austin specific workout guru joins us to talk about bodybuilding, fitness and her journey of self discovery as seen in her debut film “Erica’s First Holy Sh!t” which premieres next week at San Francisco’s club Oasis.

Erica loves fitness culture and even appears in the last workout video Richard Simmons ever made. Today, Erica works with people outside of normative physical culture to rediscover bodybuilding, fitness and living their best life.

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VIDEO: Erica Nix Gets Us to Sweat in an Interview About Fitness.

The 80s throwback exercise guru, Erica Nix,interviews Fausto and I about exercise and body modification and then leads us in a aerobics routine for her web series Workout. Erica brought the crazy costumes we are […]

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FOF #1545 – Get Fit and Funky!

Who said you can’t be fabulous while putting on muscle? Today we’re talking to Texas fitness blogger Erica Nix about fun fitness trends, celebrity videos, slogans and some simple fun things you can do to get in shape.

Think of Erica the love child of Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda, as if mating the two was even possilble, as she’s well known for her kooky workout videos and classes here in Austin Texas.

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