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Warren Beatty Embraces Transgender Son Stephen

Apologies for the linked article quality (it’s the Daily Mail, after all), but this was a nice bit of holiday news. Actor and legendary player Warren Beatty is finally coming around to accept his son […]

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FOF #1239 – Stop Hitting Yourself

Today we’re taking a look at our love hate relationship with our families and how they both mentally and physically impact our lives. Why is there so much sexual diversity not just in people but all over the animal kingdom?

Listen as we share some of your heart touching stories and offer some perspective on what to do once you’ve come out to your family.

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More federal benefits for LGBT families located

Sherlock Obama is on the case. Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder led a Pride ceremony at the Justice Department and today, President Obama will greet LGBT Americans at a White House Pride Month Reception. Good […]

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My Family Checking their Facebook using iPhones on Vacation

Who’s the more antisocial person here? My mom watches as everyone checks their Facebook (or email) with iPhones.

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FOF #871 – Autumn Nights

Today we fly blind into the eye of the storm of consciousness with our delicious friend Tracy Tyler, who shares with us the juicy details of her romantic encounters last weekend. From time to time […]

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