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FOF #2197 – One Hundred Wigs

On August 1, comedian Meg Grunewald celebrated her 100th character and her one year anniversary on Vine, the 6 second video sharing app where folks mostly post wacky clips of themselves yelling at the camera.

Today Meg joins us to talk about how she took her wig collection and became an internet celebrity on Vine

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FOF #1608 – How to Make the Most out of Your Pride Parade

This Sunday over 800,000 people are expected to attend Chicago’s Pride Parade, and even more people are expected at parades nationwide, making this year’s celebrations of LGBT folks the biggest ever. With all the commotion, it’s easy to get lost in glittery chaos.

Today we’re taking a look at some ways you can maximize the most of your Pride festivities to feel connected, sexy and fabulous!

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VIDEO: Damiana & Barbara Cathy at The ”Steppin’ Out” Gay Pride Parade

Lady reporter Damiana Garcia and her gal pal Barbara Cathy had a ball emcee-ing the “Steppin’ Out” Gay Pride Parade, complete with leather daddies, drag queens, dykes on bikes, gay gymnasts and more.

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Chicago Pride 2011

The Chicago Pride 2011 rallied on! It was undoubtably a blast that we haven’t experienced in years! Despite reports of sabotaged floats, rest assured all was well in Whoville on Pride Day! We gathered, we […]

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FOF #1402 – Rainbow Pride Explosion

All across the country, Pride is in full swing with events celebrating LGBT folks and the 1969 Stonewall riots that galvanized the modern gay rights movement.

Although Pride Parades have their roots in political action, today they have become a wildly colorful hootenanny, a delicious rainbow colored version of Mardi-Gras. Some think it’s tragic, we think it’s fabulous!

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VIDEO: Gay Pride in Mumbai

This is the first Gay Pride in Mumbai since decriminalization and people are out, proud and have a fantastic sense of humor.

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FOF #1209 – The Snookiefication of Pride

All across the world Pride Parades and Celebrations reach their peak during the month of June, as millions gather to celebrate GLBT culture.

But there is trouble under the rainbow- many people feel the celebrations wash over the ongoing problems of prejudice and that these rowdy festivals actually hurt our cause. Does acting like Snookie from Jersey Shore hurt us in the end?

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Russian Gays Outwit Police Dragnet To Hold Successful Pride Parade Without Arrests, Beatings

MOSCOW, Russia – Despite a vow by Moscow’s anti-gay mayor that it would not happen, 30 Russian lesbian, gay and bisexual activists foiled the police and FSB security services by holding a 10 minute flashmob […]

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Pride 2009: Hunks & Trannies – Part 3 of 3

On the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, we went with the guys from to Chicago’s Pride Parade to interview the peeps as they got ready for the big celebration. Part 2 of 3. A very hot rugby player named Chris and Candice Jordan, a former Playboy bunny and potential guest for the Real Housewives of Chicago.

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Pride 2009 – Part 2 of 3

On the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, we went with the guys from to Chicago’s Pride Parade to interview the peeps as they got ready for the big celebration. Part 2 of 3. Is Bozo the clown gay for Pride? What does Miss Foozie say when she runs into Miss Foozie impersonators?

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