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FOF #2233 – The Greatest, Most Ridiculous Story Ever Told

When you take a closer look at it, most religious books are full of ridiculous inconsistencies that require a whole lot more than just a leap of faith.

Today, writer Chris Matheson, best known as the Co-Creator of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure joins us to discuss his new book “The Story of God, a Biblical Comedy about Love & Hate.”

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Top Google Searches in Mississippi: ”Free, Gay Porn” And ”God”, in That Order.

The site Calamities of Nature corelated the google searches for “free, gay porn” and “god” by state from 2004 to the present.  They found that Mississippi ranked #1 for searching for both.  I guess those […]

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VIDEO: Best Question Ever From a Minnesotan Politician

“How many more gay people does God have to create before we ask ourselves whether or not God actually wants them around?” Minnesota state Rep. Steve Simon asked this in encouraging the Minnesota legislature to […]

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FOF #1183 – One Night in Heaven

Tired of just having a one night stand with Jesus and he doesn’t call you back? Well, maybe it’s because you’re not listening. There’s no escaping God’s massive love, so get ready for the Best Church of God, the only church God goes to, ever.

Today, the hilarious sister Lindsay Goldapp and brother Scott Levy help us to find the true meaning of the Bible and boost our self-esteem with the knowledge that, thankfully, not everybody will go to heaven.

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