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FOF #2985 – Erthe St. James on the Summer of Soul

The summer of 1969 was an extraordinary time- the Stonewall riots ignited the modern LGBTQ rights movement, astronauts landed on the moon, Woodstock shaped the anti-war movement and for Black folks in Harlem, it was the Summer of Soul.

Today musician Erthe St. James, who is highly influenced by Nina Simone and the music of this era joins us to look at the impact these artists from Summer of Soul have had on music and Civil Rights.

Listen as we chat with Erthe St. James about the wonderful music featured in the documentary and what the world would be like if the footage of the festival was widely seen at the time?

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FOF #1933 – Songs About Jesus that Don’t Suck

While surfing the radio, most people scream “change the channel” when they land on a Christian station. Let’s face it, all fundamentalism aside, most religious music is terrible.

But all Western music, even your favorite death metal band can trace much of their origins back to medieval European church music.

Today historian, gospel singer and kickboxing enthusiast Michael McBride joins us to take a look at some really groovy Christian music that doesn’t suck.

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FOF #1708 – Can I Get an Amen Up in Here

She may look like a crazy big haired church lady, but the Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes, or RoYo for short, is a cross-dressing minister of God who brings her sassy brand of gospel music to New York City.

Join us as as we talk to the Rev. Yolanda about gays reclaiming their religion and spirituality, the impact of marriage equality on churches and the dark side of the positive thinking movement.

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