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Hate Poetry Inspired by Palin

Palin-esque art has been around since her eerie arrival, but “Palin-esque hate poetry”, which is what I’m gonna call this, is coming to the forefront of Palin-inspired art.  I think is expresses her underlying theme […]

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Under our noses: Chicago LGBT folk should watch Meeks closely

Anti-choice and anti-gay mega-church pastor and State Senator Reverend Meeks wants to unite Chicago’s African American community behind his bid for mayor, but when he gets there, will he make this haven a living hell for LGBT citizens? His record says yes.

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VIDEO: You’re Obsessed with a Fag Band

This girl hates the band Kill Hannah so much that she made a video about her friend’s obsession with the “Fag Band.” Matt Devine, a friend of Fausto’s from the School of the Art Institute […]

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