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FOF #1228 – Hello Carol Channing [Classic Episode]

Raspberries! Broadway icon Carol Channing died today, she was 97. One of our most popular episodes ever, Carol Channing spoke to us from her home in Palm Springs about the value of arts education in public schools, and her amazing life and career. Please enjoy this encore presentation.

FOF #1228 – Hello Carol Channing

For over five decades, Carol Channing has delighted audiences with her bubbly personality and unique voice to become one of the most beloved entertainers of all time.

Today we’re delighted to talk to Carol Channing about arts education, why everyone loves to imitate her, especially drag queens, the Carol Channing Ventriloquist doll, and which President had her on his enemies list.

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FOF #1219 – I Love Carole Cook

Actress Carole Cook comedic skills impressed that Lucille Ball so much that she took her under her wing. It was the start of a lifelong friendship and working relationship between the two, with Carole appearing in many of Lucielle Ball’s TV shows including The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy.

Today we talk to the legendary Carole Cook about her work and friendships with many of comedy’s leading ladies and her behind the scenes appearances in such cult films as Sixteen Candles and TV dramas like Dynasty.

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