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Carter Kissick Squats Heavy to Lift Everyone Up

One of the drawbacks of following bodybuilders on social media is you come across a few muscle giants who unfortunately have fallen for a lot of right wing nonsense, sexism and bigotry.

Today Canadian bodybuilder, fashion model and fitness influencer Carter Kissick joins us to talk about bigotry as the ultimate gains goblin. Listen as Carter takes on the haters while squatting a whole lot of weight, and of course while wearing fabulous fashion.

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FOF #2990 – Becoming Steve from Blue’s Clues

When Steve Burns unexpectedly left the children’s TV show Blue’s Clues it opened up some wild speculation among fans. Was it drugs? An illicit affair? Was he gay? How could he just leave us like this?

So when Steve Burns came back in a video which touched on the struggles of growing up and having jobs, family and student debt, the public was deeply moved. At the same time, it was almost like a deadbeat dad coming in for an awkward hug.

Our guest today is comedian Dan Cass, who’s hilarious video parodying Steve Burns instagram return makes us roar with laughter. Listen as we take a look at Blue’s Clues affected Dan’s generation and his hilarious parody video we think everyone should check out.

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