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FOF #2919 – Peaches Christ’s Very Own Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

2020 has been harder on working drag queens than Baby Jane Hudson was to her poor sister Blanche in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. If only we weren’t in this Covid pandemic. But you are Blanche, you are in that pandemic.

For drag legend Peaches Christ, this year she opened up her private vault of campy horror films spoofs and she’s getting ready for the future by developing all new tv and film projects.

Today Peaches Christ looks back on her year of hell, speculates on which famous horror house she’d love to live in, and her upcoming streaming release of Whatever Happened to Bianca Del Rio.

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FOF #2918 – Ten Years of Glitter Day

This January marks the 10 year anniversary of Glitter Day, the fabulous holiday in celebration of all things magical and sparkly inside all of us.

The idea for an LGBTQ+ centric winter holiday began as a funny bit on the podcast and amazingly the idea caught on like wildfire. Glitter Day is now celebrated around the world!

Today our dear friend Michael Lehet joins us to look back on a decade of Glitterous Glory, and other wonderfully weird and wild ideas that caught on the Internet.

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FOF #2487 – Hold on for One More Day

It’s been seven years since the “It Gets Better” campaign encouraged folks to tell LGBT youth to hold on tight for one more day, but a new study says that approach isn’t the best way to deal with bullying.

Today, comedian Meg Grunewald joins us to take a look at the landmark LGBT visibility campaign, the power of finding your tribe and why it’s ok to leave a bad situation.

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FOF #2219 – Me Talk Pretty Every Day

You’ve heard the expression butch on the streets, femme in the sheets, but some guys are butch on the streets, femme in their speech, so much so that they get mistaken for a women while talking on the phone.

Our guest today is Chicago drag queen Alexis Bevels, who presents as guy most of the time, but sounds like a woman almost all of the time, even when he’s trying to butch it up!.

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FOF #1799 – Boy Scouts & Leathermen

The Boy Scouts earned a badge of mediocrity over their announcement to end to their ban on gay troops, while keeping a ban on gay leaders. Meanwhile here in Chicago, the International Mr. Leather Pageant attracted lots of kinky folks sporting sashes reminiscent of the Boy Scouts.

Joining us today is former Boy Scout Chris Doucette who grew up to earn a merit badge in hilariousnes.

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FOFA #1422 – Inside Oral Roberts’ Gay Family

Today were are joined by Randy Roberts Potts, the good-looking grandson of the late Oral Roberts who recently came out as gay. With the recent attention paid to youths dealing with bullying and suicide, Randy wanted to tell his story not just for himself but for his uncle, Ronnie, Oral Robert’s own son who committed suicide in 1982 because he was struggling with being gay himself.

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VIDEO: Chris Armstrong Talks About Bullying at U of M and Announces a Scholarship for LGBT Students

Former University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong announces a scholarship created by his family for GLBT students in an “It Gets Better” video. Last year, Armstrong was bullied by an Assistant Attorney General […]

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FOF #1481 – Glitter Showers

Glitter bombed again! Today we’re talking to Queer Trans Multiracial Sex-Positive Activist Writer and Pornographer and compound descriptive terms aficionado Tobi Hill-Meyer about why people have a bone to pick with Dan Savage.

Why does Dan stubbornly dismiss requests to create a better discussion on the bigotry of trans people?

FOF #1474 – Glitterbomb at the Disco

One of our most highly anticipated shows of the year is our trends and predictions show we tape with Marsian DeLellis, an LA based puppet artist who says he’s “a crazy hall of mirrors on which society can see itself.”

Today Marsian joins us to see which predictions came true, plus glitter-bombs are all the rage!

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VIDEO: God Says “It Getteth Better”

God wants you to know that gays fit perfectly into his plan.

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