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FOF #1911 – HIV Equal

Fashion and HIV icon Jack Mackenroth has teamed up with photographer Thomas Evans to create HIV Equal- a photography based social media campaign that invites everyone to get tested for HIV during a photo shoot where they pose NOH8 style with the words “Hiv =” on their bodies.

Today the HIV-fabulous Jack Mackenroth joins us to talk about life after Project Runway, gay men in the Olympics and Gay Games and all the fabulous people associated with the new awareness campaign.

FOF #1670 – The Sudden Death of Sahara Davenport

It’s always a sad day when a young talented queen sashays away forever, but know that Sahara Davenport will always chanté and stay in our hearts.

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PHOTOS: Jack Mackenroth Photographed by Rick Day

For a fashion designer, Jack Mackenroth hardly wears any clothes at all. Photos by Rick Day

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FOFA #983 – Jack of All Trades

Interview with Project Runway designer Jack Mackenroth.

FOF #1142 – Teri Yaki’s Sweet and Spicy Taste

Teri Yaki is one of Chicago’s most popular and outrageous drag queens. Listen she tells us about her scandalous past and what it takes to get get kicked out of a club.

Plus: Is Don’t Ask Don’t Tell finally over? Google’s new Buzz aims to kill Facebook, NYC drag queens reality TV show, lap dances for relief-for Haiti, and a Chinese Woman that will do anything to look Like Jessica Alba.

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Jack Mackenroth From the New York Aquatics Swim Team: His LOGO PSA on Living With HIV/AID

Jack Mackenroth from the New York Aquatics Swim Team: His LOGO Personal Service Announcement on living with HIV/AIDS.

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Jack Mackenroth’s Fashion Tips

Fausto Fernós, Marc Felion and Jack Mackenroth get together on the Feast of Fun podcast to talk fashion tips. Camera by Jason Smith.

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FOF #983 – Jack of All Trades

On the fourth season of the reality tv show Project Runway- mens designer Jack Mackenroth abruptly withdrew from the show due to a serious staph infection completely unrelated to his HIV status. A real life […]