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VIDEO: Jeremiah Clark – Understood

Musician Jeremiah Clark performs his new song “Understood” on a live music session of the Feast of Fun podcast.

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FOF #1405 – The Grinch Who Stole Gay Pride

Spirits were high at Pride celebrations across the country this past weekend due to the landmark passing of the Marriage Equality Act in New York, granting same-sex couples full marriage benefits. But even here in Chicago, where vandals slashed the tires on 51 floats scheduled to be in the Pride Parade, the mood was still incredible.

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VIDEO: Tom Goss and Jeremiah Clark Sing Fausto Happy Birthday

Tom Goss and Jeremiah Clark were hanging out in Washington D.C. the other day, when they thought to themselves to make me a special song for my birthday coming up on April 16. Deeply touched […]

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PHOTOS: Tom Goss and Jeremiah Clark’s Performance in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Check out our photos from Tom Goss and Jeremiah Clark’s performance at Down the Rabbit Hole in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Sunday April 18, 2010

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FOF #1175 – Tom Goss and Jeremiah Clark Beautiful Love Songs

First he was a wrestler, then he almost became a priest, and now Tom Goss is one of the rising stars in the nation’s gay music scene. He’s touring the country with his musician pal Jeremiah Clark, and they made a quick stop on their way from Nashville all the way to Appleton, Wisconsin just to tape a show with us.

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