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FOF #1742 – Sex is Really Good for You

Valentine’s day is annoying. It’s just a fake holiday made up by greeting card companies to get you to spend money you don’t have on shit nobody wants.

It turns out, despite the risks of broken hearts, STDs and unwanted pregnancy, having sex alone, with a partner or even a group, is actually good for you.

Today, we are chatting with the very funny comedian Jessica Halem about why being a whore is actually a healthy thing, and we’ve got science to back it up.

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FOF #1609 – Life Coaching for Dummies

The very funny Jessica Halem joins us to help us figure out how to get into the life coaching racket. We just want everyone to live their best lesbian life, even when they’re not really lesbians.

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FOF #1570 – A-Lister Jessica Halem is an A-List Slut

The very funny Jessica Halem talks about her recent adventure inside a lesbian dungeon sex party.

Plus, a look at how people’s perception of working out has changed for those who used to associate the gym with commercialism and what is the best strategy for dealing with the Internet’s next big idea?

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FOF #1227 – Love is a Battlefield

Today we’re joined by Jessica Halem who recently made some Chicago politicians very nervous in her stand up act talking about men having sex in the newly renovated public bathrooms at the gay beach.

Listen as we talk about about the perils of love, New Orleans, and St. Agatha of Sicily, the patron saint of trans men.

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FOF #1223 – Jessica Halem Likes You

Comedian Jessica Halem joins us to talk about living in New Orleans after the devastation of hurricane Katrina and the impact of the BP Ecological disaster. Jessica is touring through out the country with her hilarious one woman show. Catch it if you can!

Listen as we talk with Jessica about life in New Orleans, Michigan Womyn’s Fest and all the hot hews.

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Jessica Halem Returns to Chicago

Comedian Jessica Halem appears on the Feast of Fun podcast to promote her upcoming appearance at the Center on Halsted on Friday, March 20. Listen to the entire podcast here. For a high-quality version of […]

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FOF #954 – Jessica Halem is Solar Powered

Strap yourselves in! We’re talking to the very funny Jessica Halem on today’s show! She once was the executive director for Chicago’s Lesbian Community Cancer Project, and now she’s moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue […]

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