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FOF #1375 – Growing Up with Lola

We all love Miss Lola Rose’s sassy videos where she opens up her heart and speaks the truth about her own shortcomings and celebrities that creep her out.

Today we conclude the second part of our two part series, as we talk to Miss Lola Rose’s lesbian daughter, film maker Jill Abrams.

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FOF #1374 – Miss Lola Rose is Right About Everything

Today we’re talking to video blogging sensation Miss Lola Rose. When her two kids came out as gay, she panicked and asked them to remain in the closet.

Since then, Lola fully supports her kids and is a proud advocate for Equality. So much in fact, her most popular video “Mom on Her Two Gay Kids” was yanked off of YouTube when haters flagged it enough times to set off their automated system.