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Justin Bieber: Lady Gaga is Gross

Bieber says he doesn’t get Gaga’s style, calling her steak-and-egg couture “gross”. Clearly, Gaga needs to retort: “I’m rubber, you’re glue.”

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FOF #1331 – Burlesque Baby, Lady Gaga Must Pay

Drag queens step a side, a little Asian kid is taking the Internet by storm with a full-on tribute to one of Christina Aguilera’s songs from the movie Burlesque!

Sadly, just as the video soared to popularity it was yanked off YouTube, either due to copyright issues or because the video sharing giant frowns on minors shaking it without an adult’s stamp of approval. Luckily, DListed ripped it so you can still watch it.

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VIDEO: ”My Teenager Lost!”

Jonah Cries For Justin Bieber at the Grammy’s

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VIDEO: The Onion – Justin Bieber Is Really a 51-Year-Old Pedophile in Disguise

The Onion jokes that the pre-teen heart throb Justin Bieber is really a cleverly disguised 51 year old pedophile

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Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Sells Out

Justin’s nail polish line completely sold out online and now is only available at certian stores. Wow!

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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Parody “Horny”

Did you happen to catch these guys doing their own version of Katy Perry’s California Girls? Well check out what they did to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” For some reason, I’m just a little conflicted over […]

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Cute Gay Boy on Youtube! Chris Rushton

This is one of my new youtube videos hope you like it!! Check out my love chris!!!

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