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FOF # 2874 – The First Gay Pride

Make no mistake about it: Stonewall was a riot. Windows were broken, protesters were beaten and the neighborhood was trashed all to let the police and the mob controlled bars know that queer folks weren’t going to take it anymore.

Today, the long time theater editor for the Chicago Reader Albert Williams, joins us to talk about planning and attending the first Pride March in Chicago and how it connects with the Black Lives Matter Protests happening now.

The following June, which is 50 years ago this month, those legendary riots were commemorated with LGBT marches that are now known as the Pride Parade.

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New York Times Misquotes Larry Kramer, Saying He ‘Hates Gay Marriage’ (When He Really Doesn’t)

Poor Larry Kramer, after a life of working hard for LGBT Equality, universal health care and HIV/AIDS, he don’t get no respect. The New York Times wrote an opinion piece claiming the activist “Hates Gay […]

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Slate reviews A Queer History of the United States

Don’t want to wait until next year to read Larry Kramer’s two volume book The American People about the secret history of gays in America that he’s been writing for three decades? You might want […]

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Larry Kramer: AIDS Was Allowed to Happen

Larry Kramer wrote an article about the “Truth of AIDS” for CNN blog. He’ll be part of a special on CNN titled “Hope Survives: 30 Years of AIDS.” Highlights of the article- • Larry Kramer […]

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Larry Kramer on Joy Behar’s Show

Larry will be on Joy Behar’s show tonight talking about Washington and Lincoln being gay. Larry is always good about bringing interesting or controversial topics to light.

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