FOF # 2874 – The First Gay Pride

Jun 10, 2020 · 1985 views

Albert Williams next to one of the first Pride Parade floats in Chicago, and Marc Felion and Fausto Fernós give Star Trek’s George Takei a kiss. Photo of Albert Williams: Kyle Aaron Lacy.

Make no mistake about it: Stonewall was a riot. Windows were broken, protesters were beaten and the neighborhood was trashed all to let the police and the mob controlled bars know that queer folks weren’t going to take it anymore.

The following June, which is 50 years ago this month, those legendary riots were commemorated with LGBT marches that are now known as the Pride Parade.

Here in Chicago, many different organizations, including the Black Panthers, got together to plan the first march. Now with a lot of Black Lives Matters protests taking place during the Pride month of June, it’s remarkable how we’re still struggling with police violence.

Today, the long time theater editor for the Chicago Reader Albert Williams, joins us to talk about planning and attending the first Pride March in Chicago and how it connects with the Black Lives Matter Protests happening now.

Listen as we talk about:

How handsome and probably closeted cops entrapped gay men while cruising.

Pioneering gay plays that shaped theater in America.

The passing of illustrious AIDS activist and playwright Larry Kramer.

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