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FOF #2626 – House of Travesties

Drag is often built on the ashes of failure, and some folks are ready to set the world on fire.

Today C’est Kevvie and Shalita Cake join us to talk about their unconventional paths as drag queens, from creating a controversial drag video in high school to embracing the booger beauty inside all of us.

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FOF #2497 – Pride is Coming

We’ve come a long way baby since the Stonewall Riots which sparked the modern LGBT rights movement and even though it’s important to remember how it all began, these days Pride is mostly a party, and that’s ok.

Today, Colette Gregory, a she-larious strong black woman joins us to discuss how to navigate your Pride season festivities and not be ground down into the dirt by the end of it.

Listen as we chat with Collette about why sunscreen is so important, why feather boas are sticky beasts in hot weather and the best way to cop a feel from the hot guy at the parade.

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FOF #2350 – Riding with Trojan

Maybe everyone was on their best behavior because there were snipers positioned on the rooftops, or maybe it was that many folks decided to stay home due to the horrific Orlando Massacre, but this year’s Chicago Pride celebration was a festive, thoughtful and intimate event.

Today we take a look at Pride celebrations, in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and London.

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FOF #2185 – Rainbow Revolution

Moments like this happen once in a lifetime. As you’ve probably already heard, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Marriage Equality, making it also possible for people to add rainbow filters to their social media profile pictures.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at how everyone’s responding to the momentous ruling and what excuses can we come up with to get out of going to our friend’s lousy wedding.

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FOF #1503 – Odd Fitness Trends

Fitness is a journey not a destination. Unfortunately for some people, the journey is a game of Candy Land where Queen Frostine rules with a sweet iron fist.

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VIDEO: The World’s Smallest Pride Parade

Endearingly small but big in spirit, LGBT folks and friends got together for the Erie Pride Parade and Rally on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011 to march down State Street to the city’s downtown square.

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VIDEO: Possible Footage of Chicago Gay Pride Parade 1977 Unearthed

From the film vaults of the New York Gay Cable Access Network we have found what could be some of the only footage of an early gay pride parade.  The film is know archive footage […]

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Photos: Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2010

We had a great time at the Pride Parade in Chicago taking pics of all the hunks, skunks and sassy ladies.

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FOF #1212 – A Sporty Gay Parade

Chicago’s Pride Parade took a sporty twist this year as the Blackhawks defense-man Brent Sopel brought the Stanley Cup to share with the excited crowd.

We salute you Brent and the Chicago Gay Hockey Association who lobbied hard to make it happen, dreams do come true.

Joining us on today’s show are Feast of Fun pop culture blogger Ryan Justice and political blogger Phil Reese to talk about the fun times at the parade, our sunburns and all the hot news.

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VIDEO: Sneak Peak at Threadless’ Float in the Gay Pride Parade

Here’s a look inside one of the internet’s most successful t-shirt companies, Threadless. This year they are breaking new ground with a “Mr Mittens” giant cat themed float.

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