FOF #2626 – House of Travesties

Jun 12, 2018 · 2290 views

I’ll have two slices! Shalita Cake (center) joins me, Fausto Fernós in C’est Kevvie’s drag revue H.O.T. (House of Travesties) June 19th, 10pm at The Call Bar, Chicago. Photos: Sam Doyle, Andy Meadows, Austin International Drag Festival.)

Drag is often built on the ashes of failure, and some folks are ready to set the world on fire. Not all drag queens want to be supermodel of the world, for these wild childs, it’s all about messing with the status quo and embracing a rebellious spirit.

Today C’est Kevvie and Shalita Cake join us to talk about their unconventional paths as drag queens, from creating a controversial drag video in high school to embracing the booger beauty inside all of us.

Sisters are doing it for themselves: C’est Kevvie, Shalita Cake and Fausto Fernós. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

It’s Pride Month, where you can see all kinds of angry posts on the right and wrong way to celebrate. (There is no wrong way).
Are all parades full of this much venom? Do Irish people tell each other not to get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day?


Leslie Jones thinks Drag Race’s pitt crew needs to put on shoes.

YouTube is still restricting and demonetizing LGBT videos, and adding anti-LGBT ads to some.

Finding a Pride celebration that’s meaningful to you.

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