FOF # 2873 – The Big Flower Fight’s Henck & Yan

Jun 9, 2020 · 1985 views

The Big Flower Fight’s Henck Röling and Yan Skates. Photos courtesy of Netflix.

One of the most heartwarming reality TV shows on Netflix right now is the competitive floral design series, The Big Flower Fight, where 10 teams of plant enthusiasts are challenged to create larger-than-life plant and flower installations to win the top prize- Best in Bloom.

On this reality TV show you’ll see massive beasts made of fruits and nuts, humans modeling flowery haute couture, and interactive sculptures straight out of a woodsy fairy tale – all created by diverse teams that artistically arrange plants and other materials onto giant oversized frames to tell a floral story.

The winning team gets the ultimate prize- their own giant creation on display in London’s Kew Gardens.

Today Henck Röling and Yan Skates, the wildly creative and costumed contestants from The Big Flower Fight join us to spill the herbal tea on their friendships and shady rivalries between contestants on the show.

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