FOF #2937 – Brittany Kay Taylor’s Second Chance in Beauty and the Beast

Feb 17, 2021 · 1985 views

Brittany Kay Taylor in Encore’s episode “Beauty and the Beast.” Photos courtesy of Disney+.

One of the great treasures (diamonds in the rough) on Disney’s streaming service is the reality TV show Encore, which reunites the cast members from musicals they originally performed in high school and then has them recreate the big show, sometimes decades later, in front of a live audience.

Created and hosted by Broadway legend Kristen Bell, each episode of Encore forces former high school thespians, now well into adulthood, to come face to face with their unresolved trauma as they restage their musical spectacle in just 5 days.

Brittany Kay Taylor, who played Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast in high school, reprises her role as the world’s favorite piece of crockery for episode two of the series. She’s won fans over for her unabashed love of musicals and for making out in high school with the hottest guy in the cast, who of course, played Gaston!

Today Brittany Kay Taylor from the reality TV series Encore serves up some piping hot tea on getting her high school theater gang back together a decade later and going viral as a voice over talent on Tik Tok.

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