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FOF # 2873 – The Big Flower Fight’s Henck & Yan

One of Netflix’s most heartwarming new reality TV shows is the competitive floral design series, The Big Flower Fight, where ten teams of plant enthusiasts are challenged to create larger-than-life plant and flower installations to win top prize- Best in Bloom.

Today Henck Röling and Yan Skates, the wildly creative and costumed contestants from the show join us to spill the herbal tea on their friendships and shady rivalries between contestants on the show.

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VIDEO: Madonna’s Love Letter to Hydrangeas

Wow! She really did it. Nice to know she has a sense of humor over the whole Hydrangeas episode. –via In case you missed it-

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FOF #1435 – Where Have All The Flowers Gone

It seems like Madonna and Lady Gaga may have had a bit of a falling out since their chummy appearance on Saturday Night Live when they pretended to have a cat fight only to kiss and make up at the end of the skit.

Join us as we take a close look at Madonna’s latest hijinks, why she hates hydrangeas and why she may think Lady Gaga’s obsession with her is superficial.

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VIDEO: Madonna Loathes Hydrangeas

A fan at the Venice film festival hands the Material Girl a flower of which she’s not too fond.

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