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Irene Tu: We’re Done Now

Today Irene Tu, who describes themselves as as a Lesbian Larry David, joins us to talk about her new comedy album, “We’re Done Now.”

Listen as we chat with Irene about why she describes her fashion style as inherently gay, why so many LGBTQ people are vegan and learning how to juggle, or not. We don’t know, she said comedy is all lies.

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VIDEO: Professor Sprout is a Slutty Lesbian! Yeah!

“If you’ll follow me to my college, then I’ll suck you off.”  That’s a quote.  This interview is hilarious, and I had no idea that Sprout is a lesbian.  Also, she flashes her ass and/or […]

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FOFA #1220 – Marga Gomez’s Rainbow Road to Hell

We had a great time last year talking to Comedian Marga Gomez as she was heading off to the legendary Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

Listen as Marga Gomez shares with us her experiences at the event over the years, including her fear of porta potties and the time when bondage loving lesbians dropped pamphlets over the crowds from an airplane to gain acceptance at the event.

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VIDEO: Lesbian Bieber Lookalikes in a Barbershop Quartet

Too funny! And I cannot get the hook out of my head! “We look like Bieber, Bieber, Bieber…”

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VIDEO: It’s the Lesbian Cliché Song!

If women are an enigma then Lesbian’s are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside Roller Derby gear–with fashion scarves and matching fingerless mittens! Finally, a video that spells is all out– in gayman’s terms. […]

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VIDEO: Kim Wayan’s New Movie, ”Pariah”

Ever wonder what happened to Kim Wayans of “In Living Color” fame?  Well, I don’t know where she’s been, but she’s in a new movie, Pariah.  In the movie she is the mother of a […]

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VIDEO: Jill Sobule Helps Zack Rosen Kiss a Boy and Sing About It

ill Sobule has been kissing girls since before Katy Perry was even allowed to use cherry Chapstick.

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Hot Queer Song Alert – Nicole Reynolds, “Like the Ocean.”

Far from a dirty word, “lesbian folk music” is a term that has the power to pique my interest and make me run to check out the woman holding the title. While the stalwarts like Amy Ray and Jill Sobule are still around doing great work, a new generation has emerged to carry the torch. To the likes of Chris Pureka and An Horse comes Nicole Reynolds.

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VIDEO: Yelle Goes Gay for the New Gay

If you like this, check out more such content at The New Gay. French pop luminary Yelle (nee’ Julie Budet) is the vocalist of her like-named band. While she is the vocal point — providing the […]

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The Twisted “Secret Ceremony” Film For Mother’s Day

Here’s a perfect twisted movie for Mother’s Day- Secret Ceremony, based on a prize-winning short story by Argentine civil servant Marco Denevi, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mia Farrow as Leonara and Cenci who have come […]

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