Irene Tu: We’re Done Now

Apr 11, 2022 · 1985 views

Irene Tu says if you like her clothing style, you’re probably gay. Photo: Matt Misisco Photography.

It’s always a delight to talk to comedians about their new albums, because there’s always so much good, hilarious stuff to talk about with them based on their work. So we were shocked when comedian Irene Tu told us her new comedy album is a pack of lies.

Today Irene Tu, who describes themselves as as a Lesbian Larry David, joins us to talk about her new comedy album, “We’re Done Now.”

Listen as we chat with Irene about why she describes her fashion style as inherently gay,
why so many LGBTQ people are vegan and learning how to juggle, or not. We don’t know, she said comedy is all lies.

Featured Album
Irene Tu – We’re done Here: Amazon

Episode #3020

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