Caleb De Casper, Our Favorite Xenomorph Femme Boy

Apr 27, 2022 · 1985 views

Caleb De Casper, photos: Ismael QuintanillaIII and Rico Olguin.

When queer rebel musician Caleb De Casper got an honorary day celebrating his musical contribution to Austin Texas, the Live Music Captial of the World, all hell broke loose on Twitter. After all, it’s Elon Musk’s dumpster fire now.

Right wingers went berserk seeing Caleb De Casper decked out in a golden bustier with long hair and makeup. They are accusing him of being a witch, calling him anti-semetic slurs and even worse: they say his lip stick color didn’t match his dress!

Today musician Caleb De Casper joins us from their cozy home in Austin, Texas to regale us with stories based on their new album Femme Boy. On the album cover, Caleb’s futuristic glam rock look gets transformed into a xenomorph, only instead of acid spitting mouths coming out his mouth, it’s many hands seducing the audience to enter his world of musical delight.

In space, nobody can hear you boogie.

🎵 Caleb De Casper – Femme Boy

Episode #3024

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