FOF #2826 – A Lesbian Nun’s Adventures on the Isle of Lesbos

Feb 13, 2020 · 2050 views

From Sound of Music to Saffo: the Warrior Princess. Comedian Kelli Dunham looks at her life as a nun and her trip to the Isle of Lesbos. Photo of Kelli Dunham: Morgan H. Goode.

When people who didn’t go to Catholic school think of nuns they immediately think of the classic Sound of Music, the silly Flying Nun or movies like Sister Act which all have misfits trying their best to fit into a world stacked up against them.

But in real life, there’s been nuns like Jeannine Deckers The Singing Nun with the hit song “Dominque” who struggled with drugs and debts later in life or the women in the book Lesbian Nuns Breaking Silence who wrestled with their sexuality and each other.

Today, ex-nun, genderqueer, nurse, author, nerd and comedian Kelli Dunham joins us to talk about her life as a nun: what drew her to become a bride of Christ and what happened when the marriage was annulled?

Kelli’s new comedy album “I Am Not the Gym Teacher” pokes fun at how people perceive her non-binary gender expression where she is often mistaken for the gym teacher.


How the book Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence became a best seller.

Going on vacation with all her gal pals to the Greek island of Lesbos.

Featured Album: Kelli Dunham – Not the Gym Teacher: iTunes

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