FOF #2938 – KC Ortiz, the Queen of Southern Luxury Rap

Feb 23, 2021 · 1985 views

KC Ortiz. Photos: Georgia Modi, See Less.

Southern Hip Hop music is legendary for its drum machine beats, a thunderous bassline, and shouting vocals that bring you into the moment in all its glory. It’s a fun and uproarious art form that draws inspiration from big celebrations like Mardi Gras parades and relies on the audience for call and response participation.

Yoohoo we have a call on the line!

Who is it?

It’s KC Ortiz, the Queen of Southern Luxury Rap who’s been on an amazing journey. Kaycee came to Chicago from Alabama, courtesy of the United States Air Force, to lay down some fierce tracks about her experience as Black trans woman, and folks are loving it.

In the club: KC Ortiz.

In many of the singles she released this past year, KC bares her soul about worrying about her boyfriend running off with her friends, accepting loss when dreams don’t come true and the luxuriousness of a thirty dollar coat.

Listen as we play some of KC’s hottest songs, and chat about her music, the Black Lives Matter movement and the ever changing face of the entertainment industry.

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