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FOF #2944 – Linda Simpson’s Drag Explosion

In the mid 80s, at the height of the AIDS crisis, New York City experienced a drag revolution. In the center of the action was drag queen Linda Simpson, who took pictures of all the kooky kids in the club scene with her portable camera.

Today, Linda Simpson gives us a look into her new book The Drag Explosion, her queer underground magazine My Comrade and why we still feel all these years later the shockwaves of the Drag Explosion.

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FOF #2938 – KC Ortiz, the Queen of Southern Luxury Rap

Southern Hip Hop music is legendary for its drum machine beats, thunderous bassline, and shouting vocals that bring you into the moment in all its fun and uproarious glory.

Today KC Ortiz, the Queen of Southern Luxury Rap joins us for a music session to lay down some fierce tracks about her experience as Black trans woman, and folks are loving it.

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FOF #2702 – The Legend of the Bearded Lady

One of the most talked about names in Chicago gay nightclub history is The Bearded Lady, who is now a bit of a legend because many who remembered her are either dead or were too drunk to remember anything.

Today historian Owen Keehnen joins us to chat about his new book ”Dugan’s Bistro and the Legend of the Bearded Lady” which looks at the life of the Bearded Lady, who ruled the roost at Dugan’s Bistro, a Chicago disco that pioneered the use of spectacle in nightclubs, later adopted by clubs like the famous Studio 54.

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FOF #2203 – The Incredibly Inspiring Amanda Lepore

Many of our favorite artists find nightclub personality Amanda Lepore to be a great source of inspiration. Despite her posh image, Amanda Lepore still remains a demure, enigmatic woman who reveals very little about her own mystique.

Today Amanda Lepore joins us to talk about her love for glamour and nudity.

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PHOTOS: Berlin Nightclub Over the Years

On November 10th, 2013 Berlin Nightclub will be celebrating 30 years of alternative late night fun. Here are some awesome pics collected by DJ Greg Haus. Listen to our podcast with Greg.

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FOF #1890 – 30 Years of Berlin

For the past two decades, DJ Greg Haus has been working at Berlin Nightclub in Chicago as the Entertainment Department manager, bringing in some of the biggest names in gay underground entertainment, you know, pretty much all the judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today, Greg Haus joins us to talk about all the celebrities that have torn it up at the club and the notorious drag queens who bombed at the venue.

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Videos: Artists in Berlin

The videos are from Urban Observations. Urban Observations is an online series that follows six artists through New York City and Berlin. For example Gina Tonic, one of Berlin popular drag queens. “If the city […]

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VIDEO: Jewel’s Disguised Karaoke Performance

Undercover Karaoke with Jewel from Jewel “Karen” wows a small bar of Karaoke enthusiasts.

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FOF #988 – A Mysterious Roll of Pink Material

High heel shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag held by an arm coming from a man’s nose, a mysterious roll of pink material, a Don Rickles cut out, and a drag queen dressed up as a […]

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FOF #948 – George St. George Slays It

“Take My Picture Now! Do I look ugly? I demand you destroy all the copies of those photos.” These are the expressions that a lot of photographers endure when taking pictures out at nightclubs or […]

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