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FOF #1947 – Hungry for Control

As the numbers of eating disorders have grown over the years, there might be a correlation to American’s access to junk food. On top of all that, 1/6 of all cases of eating disorders are gay men and 40% of bulimia cases are men.

Today writer Zach Stafford, share’s his powerful story of struggling with bulimia despite coming from an affluent, caring family and how he learned to overcome it by loving himself.

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FOF #1800 – Charles Busch is a Strong Powerful Woman

Charles Busch made a career playing vampy dames in plays he wrote and produced: Die, Mommie, Die!, The Lady in Question and his first and probably best known work, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom.

Today we chat with the legendary Charles Busch about his fabulous life as a Broadway drag queen, and his thoughts on drag finally going mainstream with RuPaul’s Drag Race.

FOF #1645 – Start Spreading the News

We say bon voyage to Matteo Lane, as he’s moving to New York City for his job, but what he’s really excited about is working the comedy scene in the Big Apple, and the men.

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VIDEO: Liza Minnelli on HSN

sequins sequins sequins!!! I swear she had to be high or something…I don’t think she knew what was going on or where she was half of the time…but enjoy this edited version of Liza’s GORGEOUS […]

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LISTEN: Liza Minelli Sings “Single Ladies’

Liza does a cameo in Sex and the City 2 and sings “Single Ladies.”

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FOF #1173 – All Hail Lady Gaga

We just received our 4th People’s Choice Podcast Award in the mail and to celebrate we invited songbird Melissa Young to come over and shoot the breeze.

Listen as we chat with Melissa about the iPhone Madonna app, the upcoming Madonna Glee episode and the unusual Facebook page asking for a million people to have Lady Gaga be the single voice for gays. Plus all ht hot news- Twitter, Lady Gaga, gay moths, Liza Minelli, Mike Huckabee and Billy Elliot at the Oriental Theater.

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VIDEO: Liza Minelli is a Woman of Few Words

An important announcement from Liza Minnelli. [A New YouTube collage by video artist Chuck Meyers.]

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Commercial Break- Aretha Franklin’s Snickers Ad

Apparently being hungry or going on long road trips with your buddy will make you gay, or at least a bytchy diva. Check out this hilarious superbowl ad featuring Aretha Franklin (and Liza Minelli.) Weather […]

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