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Probably Not the Clearest Font to Use

I know a lot of people who could get this card. Hilarious!

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Hilarious Microphone Pranks

Some Italian spring break channel convinced these party goers to yell at the mic with hilarious results. ▶ microphone prank – YouTube. This guy kept shoving his mic into the poor activists face. The ole […]

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VIDEO: Dildo at the Baggage Claim

Paging Peaches Christ, you left your dildo in the baggage claim area. Please pick it up. Would have been nice to see the faces of people instead of the sad lonely dildo nobody will ever […]

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VIDEO: Mrs. Betty Bowers and the War on Christmas

Mrs. Betty Bowers tackles the War on Christmas right at the front line, the mall. Best pronunciation of Pottery Barn ever.

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Bizarre blue man Grindr profile

Someone should tell him not to hold his breath when taking his photo.

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PHOTOS: Justin Beiber and Will Smith Covered in White Stuff

Alongside Will Smith, Justin Beiber got slimed last night at Nickelodeons Kid’s Choice Awards. Some say it was glorious, but I think it looks very odd to cover any person on TV with a thick […]

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PHOTO: Sexy Aztec Domino’s Pizza Guy

Here’s a creative costume idea you can make with all those pizza boxes, a hunky Aztec warrior! –Thanks to Dustin for the photo.

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More Hilarity with the Bachmann Corndog Photos

A corn dog makes Michelle and Marcus both lose control. Sure you’re laughing now, but if the Bachmanns get in the Whitehouse, Michelle has pledged to make all pornography illegal, by which we assume to be these animated gifs below.

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PHOTO: Rick Perry Loves Them Corndogs

While campaigning outside Pittsburgh, GOP frontrunner Rick Perry attended a picnic at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Oil City where he enjoyed a foot long corndog while touring the fabulous reproduction of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

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