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FUN WITH AUDIO: Zachary Quinto’s Erotic Star Trek

Just stumbled across this hilarious and sexy edited version of a Star Trek audio book, narrated by Zachary Quinto, who allegedly is gay in real life. Listen as Spock boldy goes where no man has […]

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LOL and OMG Added to Dictionary

LOL, OMG, and even ♥ have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. These “initialisms” as they are called have been in use for some time in online communications and in the case of ♥ […]

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VIDEO: Damiana Garcia Interviews the Girls from “Girls Will Be Girls 2012”

We’re so excited for the up and coming sequel “Girls Will Be Girls 2012” with the original cast Evie Harris, Miss Coco Peru and Varla Jean Merman. They managed to raise the funds online, and […]

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VIDEO: Fox Licking a Window

Must resist making a joke here– “My new Firefox plugin helps to clean up Windows.”

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VIDEO: I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Everyone’s rocking with Irv and Pat from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who are becoming a viral superstars in their senior years. Just goes to prove you’re never to old to have fun.

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VIDEO: Paula Deen Attacks Burger with Friend in Slow Motion

As seen on the “Around the Net” segment on G4’s Attack of the Show and in the grand style of the Olsen Twins’ slow motion “Pizza” video, I present to you…Paula Deen. You’re welcome.

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The Irish Mental Health Hotline

This went  on my answering machine and most people are laughing so hard by the time they hear that beep they forget what they are going to say.

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VIDEO: Fart Flute Plays O Christmas Tree NSFW

WARNING NOT SAFE FOR WORK! O Tannenbaum! There’s something truly wonderful about Paul Potts,the Fart Flautist, who flutes fabulous songs with his farts.

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VIDEO: Merry Christmas from the TSA

Seasons Greetings from the TSA better known as “Total Sexual Assault.”

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VIDEO: Military Catch Guy Peeing in Infrared

A good use of your tax dollars for military training, here’s an awesome video of some guys taping their friend peeing in infrared. At 0:23 he flips the bird to the camera.

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