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Matt Brown is Mad at Cher, Happy with AI Mariah Carey

Cher better watch her back, cause Matt Brown is ready to steal her new man.

Today comedian Matt Brown, who’s been described as 80% Kathy Griffin and 20% hood rat, joins us to look at Cher’s very famous ex-lovers, Chris Rock’s “Selective Outrage” comedy special and why, despite the best intentions, asking people’s pronouns in the workplace could violate their privacy.

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Year in Review: Set My AI Robot Bussy to Goblin Mode

Data driven corporations are turning our selfies into gorgeous portraits of action movie stars, sexy cyborgs and Russian cosmonauts while paying none of the artists whose work they stole to create it.

What happens when your AI self is sexier than your real self?

Today we look back on the news and topics that shaped our year with two of our favorite comedians Matt Brown who YouTubechannel examines the singing styles of Black divas and Dan Cass who we discovered from his parody of Steve from Blues Clues.

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FOF #2992 – Eric Clements Lifts the Veil on Forgotten Punk Music

Our story today begins with our neighbor and dear friend, Eric Clements, who discovered a giant box of cassette tapes at a thrift store.

Among the massive collection of pop music was a few cassettes of a band he never heard of called the Veil, whose rock music and strong lead vocals by Lorna Donley could easily have been played in rotation on MTV or featured in a soundtrack of a John Huges film.

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FOF #2892 – The Golden Girls Get An All Black Cast

Knock Knock! Who’s there? Phyllis. Phyillis who? Phyllis your Census form!

Have you signed up for the 2020 Census? If you didn’t, the Golden Girls reboot has a message for you- fill out the census and get counted for the government services your community deserves.

Today, comedian Matt Brown joins us to take a look at the recast of Golden Girls with an all black cast starring Alfree Woodard, Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King. Who would you cast in a dream team of all time legendary black women?

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FOF #2762 – Fearlessly Be Yourself, Or Not

There will be only one of you for all time, so fearlessly be yourself. Unless you’re a cruel, mean, selfish person, then we’d prefer you’d try being somebody new.

Today comedian Rachel Hall joins us to talk about self love and how so many horrors of the modern age can be traced to the unquenchable thirst for social media stardom.

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FOF #2753 – Dumpster Diving

It’s kind of an awesome when a major celebrity like Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross comes out and lets everyone know in a roundabout way that her husband has been munching at her back door. a

Today comedian Matt Brown joins talk about the pleasures and perils of putting your mouth where the sun don’t shine.

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FOF #2088 – All I Want for Christmas is Auto-Tune

Mariah Carey is having a hard time Carey-ing a tune lately. The pop diva skipped the rehearsal for NBC’s “Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Special” and it showed.

Today we weigh in on Mariah Carey’s off key Christmas carol – are folks being too hard on her, or do we need to be emancipated from Mimi’s stranglehold over this Christmas classic?

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FOF #1670 – The Sudden Death of Sahara Davenport

It’s always a sad day when a young talented queen sashays away forever, but know that Sahara Davenport will always chanté and stay in our hearts.

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FOF #1304 – Christmas Madness

Everyone loves the bright lights and bold colors of the holiday season, so why then are so many people miserable at this time of year? Surreal, confusing stories of snowmen come to life, flying reindeer and green grinches only add to the fog of war that is Christmastime.

Blogger Michael Lehet joins us to take a look at our love hate relationship with the holidays, annoying holiday music by celebrities and a delicious meat centric Nativity scene.

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VIDEO: An Incredibly Lush Christmas With Love B Scott

Love B Scott has fired up the oven to bake up a bunch of love muffins as he lip synchs Mariah Carey’s “When Christmas Comes” to a hot stud.

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