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FOF #1995 – Will They Still Love Me if I Come Out?

A big part of why celebrities struggle to come out of the closet is because they don’t know how it will affect their careers. Since Hollywood is more about perception and not an actor’s talent, many still struggle to come out despite most Americans supporting gay rights.

Today we’re taking a look at celebrities who became more likable when they came out and those who didn’t fare so well. Why did Rosie and George Michael struggle so much after their coming out?

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FOF #1993 – You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Our guest today has seen it all. Sammy moved from Indianapolis to Chicago in 1972 to be in a more gay affirming community, so he could get his gay on! Sammy has lived through the desegregation of public schools, the death of disco, the AIDS crisis and the rise of the modern gay rights movement.

Surprisingly Sammy has managed to keep his sense of humor and joy for life.

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