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FOF #1511 – Mind Control

Today we’re taking a look at mind control- how ad agencies, churches, and political campaigns are all trying to control your mind.

Your brain is more like an insecure teenage girl who is worried to death what her friends think of her. What they if they don’t like me?

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VIDEO: Magician Controls Fish

Check out this Asian magician as he controls fish to do swim at his command – in formation! How do you think it’s done? Magnets? Lasers? Mind Control? The fun starts at 1:30

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Let Your Mind Control Your World…

Truly amazing results from this brainwave sensor system. The video is a bit “techy” to start with but it shows the power of the idea. via Derren Brown

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The Borg are Coming… Really

An Austrian amputee is the first in Europe to be fitted with a new-generation mind-controlled prosthetic limb that moves and feels like a real arm, receiving commands from the brain and sending input back.

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