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FOF #2910 – The Dangers of Thanksgiving

According to the National Safety Council, over half of all accidents occur in the home and the kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house which makes Thanksgiving the deadliest holiday of them all.

So maybe this holiday season with most people staying home alone due to the Covid pandemic, we can all be grateful that the worst thing that can happen when you stay home is you’ll burn the roof of your mouth eating microwaved pumpkin pie hot pockets.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the most dangerous and wild things that can happen during Thanksgiving.

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FOF #1807 – Tomboy Ahoy!

As a little tomboy, comedian Brianna Baker felt pressure to use the boy’s bathroom in order to avoid people’s outrage. Her over the top grandmother Phyllis even offered her $200 to dress up like a lady. Ironically, this little girl that passed for boy grew up to be a tall gorgeous woman.

Today we’re chatting with Brianna Baker, one of Chicago’s rising comics. Her one woman show “Bede” that recounts her life as a biracial tombow growing up in a small town has gotten a lot of critical acclaim.

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