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VIDEO: Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia

Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia. Transgender activists in Russia are making their contribution to the international LGBT movement. In this video, GayRussia activist Anna Komarova talks about some of the ground-breaking activities taking […]

Moscow Pride 2011: a Response to the Obama Administration’s Statement

by Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network (Chicago), participant in Moscow Pride 2011 The first and most important thing that needs to be said is that we are very fortunate that no Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and […]

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Video of Today’s Moscow Pride 2011

There was much, much more media besides. Moscow police collude with neo-Nazis Mayor favoured neo-Nazis with protest permit 18 gay campaigners arrested at Kremlin and City Hall Moscow – 28 May 2011 – 10pm Moscow […]

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Moscow Gays to Defy Police & Neo-Nazi Threats

They risk arrest and violent attack From a press release:  Moscow – May 27, 2011 Moscow Gay Pride Parade 2011 1 PM, Saturday, May 28, The Kremlin, at the gates to the Tomb of the […]

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VIDEO: Dan Choi Shows His Support for Russian LGBTs

U.S. gay activist Lieutenant Daniel Choi traveled to Moscow to show his support for Russian LGBTs asserting their right to demonstrate despite repeated government bans.  A few hours ago we recorded this video of support […]

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FOF #1204 – The Russian Gay Bear Goes Grrr

Money is no object when it comes to stopping gay rights in Russia. Even though the Russian constitution guarantees the right to assembly, Moscow’s mayor has spent a lot of resources trying to stop the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade.

How did the Russian gays outwit the mayor? By setting up a smart mob! Listen to today’s show as activist Andy Thayer reveals the fascinating details on how they did it.

Russian Gays Outwit Police Dragnet To Hold Successful Pride Parade Without Arrests, Beatings

MOSCOW, Russia – Despite a vow by Moscow’s anti-gay mayor that it would not happen, 30 Russian lesbian, gay and bisexual activists foiled the police and FSB security services by holding a 10 minute flashmob […]

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Russian Gays’ Courage Contrasts With the Shame of Western Embassies

MOSCOW, Russia, May 28th, eve of Gay Pride – This afternoon in their final court date before Moscow Pride, gays and lesbians here predictably were rejected once again by the authorities. The Tverskoi District Court […]

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